Parallel Agile® CodeBot™
CodeBot: Developing at the speed of thought

Parallel Agile® CodeBot™ is a “low code” full-stack application generator that creates Database, API and UI code from UML models. CodeBot interprets your UML domain model and creates a complete working database and REST API in seconds.

CodeBot is a full-stack application generator because it doesn’t just generate the “back end” of your application, it also generates the front end! More precisely CodeBot generates UX screens from wireframes and a navigation state machine.

Once all the code is generated, CodeBot automatically deploys your web application for immediate testing. CodeBot takes you from system concept (domain model and wireframes) to a testable system in minutes, allowing for rapid iterations on your design.

CodeBot makes your design executable as fast as you can think about it.

Wireframe it, then run it
CodeBot 201 - Generating complete web apps including UI and database

Wireframing your screens is an essential risk mitigation technique and the fastest way to discover requirements. CodeBot generates screens (e.g. React JS) from wireframes and links the screens together with UI Navigation defined by a state machine diagram. CodeBot generates the popular Bootstrap/React framework.

Screens are linked to the generated database access API using UML tagged values, so the generated screens work with your database “out of the box”. This helps you test and refine your database schema.

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Generate and Deploy your app in under 5 minutes

To shorten your iterations and bring the full benefits of agile development to your project, CodeBot automatically hosts and deploys your generated app for testing.

  • Wireframe the screens within the use cases
  • Generate the screens from wireframes
  • Link the screens to the database
  • Deploy the system and start testing
  • Generate UX logic from the navigation state machine
The Need for Speed
  • Manual coding of common database access functions is tedious, slow, error-prone, and expensive
  • Automatic deployment of generated web apps allows for rapid iteration and customer feedback
  • Availability of REST APIs for common database access functions makes it easy to develop for multiple client platforms
  • Built-in access control and security features save time on challenging areas of your project
  • User interface development and refinement is much faster when screens are generated from wireframes
Domain Driven Database Design
CodeBot 201: Domain Driven Database Design

CodeBot interprets your UML domain model and creates a complete working database schema (e.g. Mongo DB), REST API (Node.js), API documentation (Swagger/OpenAPI), and client-side libraries in various languages (Java, Javascript, C#...).

In addition to automating the tedious development of basic database access (CRUD) functions for all domain objects, CodeBot contains advanced features for developing secure applications, including access token based (JWT) secure server-side Registration and Login endpoints built into the generated API, along with Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and Attribute Based Access Control.

You can skip
  • writing the database access code
  • writing API documentation
  • wrapping the database code in an API
  • developing your database security infrastructure from scratch
Develop in Parallel, but stay Agile

CodeBot is a fundamental part of the Parallel Agile software process which supports a “one developer per use case” paradigm, so you can easily scale your project across your entire development team, whether it’s large or small. CodeBot is different from most “low code” generators because it drives code generation from a Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) model.

Using CodeBot within the Parallel Agile process means that each developer can generate their own use case, working in parallel. CodeBot’s full-stack code generation shortens the time it takes to develop each use case, while enabling developers to work in parallel allows you to scale your development team to the right size for any size project.

CodeBot gets you to code fast and iterate rapidly. Getting to code immediately at project inception and getting immediate customer feedback is the true essence of agility.

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