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Parallel Agile® CodeBot™ accelerates your software development team by automatically generating an executable architecture from your domain model
Make Your Domain-Driven Design Executable
  • CodeBot generates domain driven APIs at hyperspeed
  • API calls are instantly available for common database access functions for all collections
  • CodeBot generates database access functions to Create, Read One, Read Many/All, Modify, Replace, and Delete anything in the database
  • Use the generated JSON Schema to validate your data
  • Swagger API documentation is also created automatically
  • Free trial evaluation: We automatically cloud-host your database and API for testing
The domain model class diagram is transformed into a set of NoSQL (MongoDB) collections, generating the basic set of database access functions, and wrapping those access functions in a REST API. (Node.js)
Get to Code at Warp Speed
Manual coding
of common database access functions is tedious, slow, error-prone, and expensive
Getting to code
immediately at project inception is the true essence of agility
Availability of REST APIs
for common database access functions makes it easy to develop for multiple client platforms.
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Scale to Massive Teams
A common, shared understanding of the problem domain is a critical success factor on most software projects. Without a shared understanding of the problem, solutions are always chaotic.

Prototyping against a live database early in the project enables feedback-driven database design and requirements discovery.

Executable Architectures are a key enabler of massively parallel development and elastic staffing. Executable Architectures simplify collaboration among a large group of developers. Everybody's code plugs into the architecture so people can work in parallel without integration issues
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